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Supermini® Type 105 with new grade EG35

New high-performance variants will be added to the Supermini® from HORN. With a new coating, new substrate and new microgeometry, it is setting new standards when it comes boring holes between 0.2 mm and 6.8 mm. With this product, HORN is enabling its customers to accelerate their production
throughput, even with an increasing proportion of stainless, highalloy and inhomogeneous steel qualities. In order to achieve further performance improvements with the highly developed system type 105, several adjusting screws had to be screwed into place in a logical order: at the substrate, the microgeometry
and the coating. Logically coordinated development steps led to an impressive result: extensive internal and external test series showed a clear increase in service life. The Supermini® type 105 stands out thanks to the new TiAIN coating with gold-coloured top layer to detect wear, outstanding hardness, extremely tight layer construction and excellent layer adhesion are features of this grade. The Supermini® is available as a standard product with diameter variants from 0.2 mm to 6.8 mm and in lengths up to 5 x D.

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