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Flat MultiDrill MDF Series - Coated Carbide Drills for Spot Facing

  • Effective for inclined and curved surface spot drilling.
  • Reduced burrs at hole exit.
  • Applicable for interrupted and cross drilling.

General Features

The flat MultiDrill MDF type is a solid carbide drill that can be used for various purposes including high-efficiency spot facing and drilling in inclined and curved surfaces.


  • Can be used in a variety of drilling applications thanks to its point angle of 180°
    Applicable to high-efficiency spot facing, drilling in non-horizontal surfaces such as inclined and cylindrical surfaces and interrupted drilling. It also reduces burrs at hole exits.
  • Improved machining stability
    Achieves high rigidity by employing RS THINNING, which ensures web thickness on the bottom face.
  • Excellent chip evacuation performance
    Achieves excellent chip evacuation thanks to its wide chip pocket and high-quality rake face shape.
  • Excellent cutting edge strength
    Achieves excellent cutting edge strength thanks to optimized cutting edge design.

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