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Combidex schroefdraadfezen TMS


  • Threading from ISO M1 x 0.25 and 0-80UN.
  • Working in high cutting speed.
  • Short machining time.
  • No broken taps.
  • Machining of hardened materials up to 45 HRc


  • Enables machining in deep holes.
  • Same tool can produce a wide range of threads and pitches.
  • Same tool can produce both External and Internal threads.
  • Coolnt through the flutes is very effective for deep holes.
  • Spiral flutes allow smooth cutting action.
  • Shorter machining time due to multi (3 to 5) flutes.
  • Longer tool life due to special triple coating.

Carbide grade: FXFL7
Sub-Micron grade with Titanium Aluminum Nitride multi-layer coating (ISO K10 - K20). To be run at medium to high cutting speeds. General purpose for all materials.

TMI - For threading deep parts
Carbide grade: FXFL8 Sub-micron grade with advanced PVD triple layer coating (ISO K10-K20). Extremely high heat resistant and smooth cutting operation, for high performance, and normal machining conditions. General purpose for all materials.

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